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Fall is Just Around the Corner!

Even though it’s only July, I’ve actually started work on my fall designs.  Here’s the latest one, a fall themed Samsung phone case, published today on Amazon.

It’s bright, colorful, and will appeal to those who love primitive, farmhouse, or country decorations.  Featuring colorful leaves, a bright red barn, an antique green tractor, and of course, a grinning Jack O Lantern, it’s a unique case for that fits nearly every model Samsung phone.

Check out the design here!

But, if you’ve got an iPhone?  Don’t worry, that design will go up tomorrow!


New Designs Online

Well, the holidays are essentially long gone, so I’ve been updating my designs on Etsy & Amazon.  I sell under the brand name “Landlocked Beach Bum” on Amazon and have about 5 Etsy stores under various shop names, including Landlocked Beach Bum.   This tee is just one of the new designs.  There will be many more coming out this year in each of my shops.


Jigsaw Puzzles

Fine Art America just added jigsaw puzzles to our available products – so now your favorite print can be a project for the winter!  What better way to spend the long days of the coming restrictions?



Visit my entire gallery online today!

Got Your Fall Face Masks Yet?

Since it appears that we’re going to be wearing face masks (or some variation thereof) for some time, it’s time to step up your fall wardrobe with an  Autumn neck gaiter.  One of my shops, Later Gaiters Design, features over one hundred different neck gaiter styles, including this one:

Featuring a blend of polyester and elastane, it’s comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere… hot or cold, wet or dry, casual or formal.    And it’s so easy.  Wear it  around your neck as a tubular scarf that you can simply slide up whenever you need to cover your nose and mouth.    No straps to pull at your ears.  No worrying if you even have it with you when you go into a store.

And you can choose between a classy design, something funny, or even something scary – why not have a little fun with your face covering at  Later Gaiters Design ?

Amazon Sales

I’m beginning to see sales of my designs on Amazon… which is big because it’s a little harder to be found on Amazon’s site these days. With millions of products, it’s pretty amazing that someone liked my design well enough to buy it!

Here’s the most recent product sold on Amazon:


I’ve been having technical problems with this site, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it’s finally back up and running properly! I’ve added a couple of new links to my Etsy stores, so be sure to check out the latest designs on those.

We’re also able to design again on Amazon, so I’ve got those back up, too. Here’s the latest one:


With all of this time on everyone’s hands, it’s time for free books! For the next two weeks, I’ve set up each of my books to be free for certain days each week. Check out my Amazon Author’s page to find out which books and which days!


New Photos Online

Chestnut horse nibbling on dried grass.

It’s been a few months, but I’m slowly adding new photos to my online portfolios… editing does take time, but it’s worth the extra effort when you see the end results.

Today’s photos are from last fall’s trip back to West Virginia, where I was privileged to visit my grandparents’ old farm, photographing the old farmhouse before it’s gone, and to visit their graves, as well.

These are just a few of the hundreds of photos that I have added to my inventory… more to come.

You can find my portfolio on these sites:



Last Minute Promotion

It’s been awhile since we’ve run a free book promotion, so we’ve scheduled one freebie every month for the next four months! This month’s free Kindle book is, “While You’re Here,” which was the first book that I released back in 2013.

” When Evie Bradley agreed to fly to Franklin, Tennessee, to help her recently divorced daughter, Alex, out with childcare while she was tied up with an important legal case, Evie wasn’t expecting anything more than to spend a little time with her family.

Then, she met James McGavick, the arrogant man who lived next door…at first, the only sparks that flew between Evie and James were over the children, but it wasn’t long before there were sparks of an entirely different kind flying between them, and while Evie found herself falling hard and fast for James, he’d made it clear that he was only interested in enjoying the time they were spending together “while you’re still here.”

Could she spend time with the handsome widower strictly on his terms? Would she be able to just walk away when the time came to go back to Connecticut? Or would she go home with a broken heart? “

Don’t miss your chance to grab your Kindle copy of this book for free!

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