Since it appears that we’re going to be wearing face masks (or some variation thereof) for some time, it’s time to step up your fall wardrobe with an  Autumn neck gaiter.  One of my shops, Later Gaiters Design, features over one hundred different neck gaiter styles, including this one:

Featuring a blend of polyester and elastane, it’s comfortable enough to wear just about anywhere… hot or cold, wet or dry, casual or formal.    And it’s so easy.  Wear it  around your neck as a tubular scarf that you can simply slide up whenever you need to cover your nose and mouth.    No straps to pull at your ears.  No worrying if you even have it with you when you go into a store.

And you can choose between a classy design, something funny, or even something scary – why not have a little fun with your face covering at  Later Gaiters Design ?