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Just in Time!

Just in time for the switch back to Daylight Savings Time, grab your copy of Unfinished Business for $.99 starting this Thursday!

Less than two years after losing Micheal, her editor, mentor, companion and lover, to cancer, successful novelist Tara Cooper is struggling to move on, both personally and professionally. Without him, she is unable to continue working on the series that her entire career was built upon on… the magic just isn’t there anymore. Convinced that she has to do something drastic, Tara escapes to the Florida panhandle, ostensibly to write a new book, but she secretly hopes that a new start professionally will also equal a new start personally. Unfortunately, the past comes back to haunt her when she goes for a long walk on the beach one evening and suddenly finds herself staring directly into the face of the one man that she had hoped never to see again…and yet, it was also the one face that she had unconsciously looked for in every city, on every street, across every crowded room, every day since she had left Pleasant Grove, Kentucky, many years before. Although she tries her best to avoid him, he won’t take no for an answer, and once again, Tara finds herself drawn into a relationship. There’s just one problem… Tara has a twenty five year old secret that could ruin everything.


But hurry – this promotion won’t last long!
Grab your copy of Unfinished Business starting Thursday, November 4th!

Amazon Prime Member? Read for FREE!

Amazon just launched a great new benefit for Amazon Prime members – read UNLIMITED prime titles for FREE.  That’s right, you can now read as many Amazon Prime books as you want every month for free!  If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you know what a great benefit this is.  If you’re not – well, you may just want to consider becoming one.  Besides free books, Amazon Prime members also get free movies, free music, and free two day shipping on Prime products.   All for one super low annual fee.  There is no better option than Amazon.

And, speaking of Prime Reading – you can now ready ANY of my books for free with Amazon Prime, too!   With the holidays approaching, now’s a great time to read Christmas in Destin!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Autumn Specials

Over the next month, I’ll be running specials on all of my books – this week, you can pick up a copy of While You’re Here for just $0.99!   And just in case you haven’t seen the blurb, While You’re Here is the story of two feisty seniors who meet and fall in love in spite of themselves.

When Evie Bradley agreed to fly to Franklin, Tennessee, to help her recently divorced daughter, Alex, out with childcare while she was tied up with an important legal case, Evie wasn’t expecting anything more than to spend a little time with her family.

Then, she met James McGavick, the arrogant man who lived next door…at first, the only sparks that flew between Evie and James were over the children, but it wasn’t long before there were sparks of an entirely different kind flying between them, and while Evie found herself falling hard and fast for James, he’d made it clear that he was only interested in enjoying the time they were spending together “while you’re still here.”

Could she spend time with the handsome widower strictly on his terms? Would she be able to just walk away when the time came to go back to Connecticut? Or would she go home with a broken heart?

Download a copy of While You’re Here TODAY!

Spend Christmas at the Beach

Like reading Christmas romance around the holidays?  This year, take a trip to the beach and fall in love with Christmas in Destin:

When Abby Donovan decided to escape the looming holiday season and spend Christmas in Destin, Florida, she didn’t expect to find anything other than the peace and tranquility that had been absent from her life since the death of her husband, David, three years before. She definitely wasn’t expecting to meet Paul Kirkland, or to be swiftly and certainly swept off her feet… was this simply a casual fling that would end when Abby and Paul returned to their homes after their vacations ended, or was it the beginning of something more?

Get Christmas in Destin: An Early Snowbird!


Don’t miss the special sale price, November 15th – 22nd!
 Get Christmas in Destin: An Early Snowbird!  

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