Gulf of MexicoAlthough I’ve been writing all of my life, it’s only in the last few years that I’ve begun to write romances for older adults…having read far too many books where the twenty something heroine meets the handsome, strong hero, who sweeps her off her feet…well, you get the idea…how many of us can really identify with that type of character these days?

Even though those stories are wonderful in their own right, there are those of us who have lived full, rich lives with real problems, and we have lots of experience, ups and downs, and we carry all of the baggage that comes with that…

At our age, we’re looking for real flesh and blood people, with their own histories…people with prior marriages, widowed or divorced, children and grandchildren, careers, and lives.  People who just happen to be alone, late in life, and they just happen to meet that certain someone…

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“Love isn’t only for the young…love is also for the young at heart.”


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